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The American food system is broken in many ways, from lack of fresh produce in inner-city areas to unethical work conditions for farmers. To list them all would take up far too much of your time. Every time you spend a dollar, you vote for the way our food system operates. Here are some tips for helping you shop more consciously, sustainably, and healthily.

Whenever possible, buy organic or local. These types of foods cut down on emissions and fossil fuels from transporting the food from far away. They also cut back on pollutants from agricultural chemicals.

Look for a few specific labels to support farmworkers. If a food is marked Fairtrade, that indicates it was sustainably sourced, made in a way that doesn’t pollute water or airways, and ensures that farmers and workers receive fair prices and wages.

Not only will these shifts in shopping behavior help your community (and the world), but you’ll also end up with fresher, tastier, more nutrient-rich food.



Although each grocery store is set up differently, the overall layout is usually the same:

  • produce on one wall
  • fresh meats on one wall
  • processed foods in the center aisles

Next time you go to the grocery store, do your best to only shop along the four walls!





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