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Is Your Glass Half-Full_July blog 4

Is Your Glass Half-Full?

  A recent study from the American Stroke Association suggests that optimism can reduce inflammation. In a small study of 49 stroke survivors, researchers examined the relationship between optimism, inflammation, stroke severity, and physical disability for three months after a stroke. “Our results suggest that optimistic people have a better...
Shop Smart_July blog 2

Shop Smart

  The American food system is broken in many ways, from lack of fresh produce in inner-city areas to unethical work conditions for farmers. To list them all would take up far too much of your time. Every time you spend a dollar, you vote for the way our food...
The power of Breath

The Power of Your Breath

  We breathe all day long without ever thinking about it. Usually, this type of breathing is shallow and relatively fast-paced, especially when we’re stressed. When something causes us stress, our body reacts by increasing the heart rate, tensing up muscles, and increasing blood pressure. This state is also known...
buddah bowl_ blog best diet

Which diet is right for you?

I understand the importance of going beyond the USDA government guidelines and providing you with the knowledge and techniques to find a diet plan that fits YOUR needs. If you are feeling (or have ever felt) overwhelmed, frustrated, or confused about how to piece together a diet that works for...
red onions_ blog gut

Feeding your gut

A majority of Americans live with digestive issues. This is bad news because the gut is connected to nearly every system and organ in our body, which means that the way we treat our gut has a significant impact on, well, everything! An imbalanced gut has been linked to chronic...
pumpkin seeds_protein blog

Getting Your Protein

Protein is a major nutrient that we all need. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need meat to get enough protein, which is good news for those of us who choose not to eat animal products or who may feel better on a plant-based diet. Let’s dive in! Vegans If...