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Feeding your gut

A majority of Americans live with digestive issues. This is bad news because the gut is connected to nearly every system and organ in our body, which means that the way we treat our gut has a significant impact on, well, everything! An imbalanced gut has been linked to chronic...
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Getting Your Protein

Protein is a major nutrient that we all need. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need meat to get enough protein, which is good news for those of us who choose not to eat animal products or who may feel better on a plant-based diet. Let’s dive in! Vegans If...
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Are all fats bad?

Are all fats bad?? Despite what you may have heard, fat is essential for the health of our brain, heart, and nervous system—but the TYPE of fat is important to take into consideration. Trans fats are something you want to avoid because the consumption of them has been tied to...
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Beware of Sugar

Our bodies are built to crave sugar. It’s found throughout nature, from berries and watermelon to squash and honey. Sugar gives us energy, but also results in additional fat storage and contributes to issues like diabetes and obesity when eaten in excess. As a bio-individual, it’s your job to understand...

Getting Your Greens

Regardless of what your bio-individuality tells you about your optimal diet, one rule of thumb we can all benefit from is to eat more vegetables! Dark leafy greens are pretty universally digestible (especially when cooked), generally affordable, and can be easily incorporated into many meals. If you have trouble with...

Knowing Your Body

Creating a bio-individualized diet requires you to do some detective work, specifically when it comes to the way you react to specific foods. As a Health Coach, I like to recommend keeping a log or journal of what you eat and how those foods made you feel. After doing this...