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The ongoing battle between me and my 16 year old son is about deodorant.
“Really? Deodorant?”, you say.

Yep! My son is into the fragrance; how manly does it make him smell? I, on the other hand, am into what products can he put on his body that won’t be hard for his liver to detoxify. The liver is the key point of detox in our bodies, you know. All toxic things we eat, drink, inhale, and absorb through the skin pass through the liver for filtering or removal.

Remember, toxins are everywhere:
• in our skincare
• water
• building materials
• personal care products
• sunscreen
• plastics
• cleaning supplies
• air
• food
• laundry detergent

The number one thing I mentioned in my last letter to help our livers detox our bodies and, ultimately, keep our hormones balanced, is to DECREASE OUR TOXIC LOAD.

That sounds hard.

Almost as hard as winning a battle with a 16-year-old boy over deodorant! It could be hard if we tried to clean up our toxic load all at once. Instead, pick one category and really work on cleaning it up.

Maybe you will want to start by buying chemical-free beauty and skincare products.

Click here to see what the Environmental Working Group’s website recommends.

Or, avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine, and drugs.
Or, buy organic, whole foods.
Or, get a high-quality air purifier.
Or, pick up antibiotic and hormone-free meats, fish, and dairy.
Or, avoid plastic; especially plastic wrap and plastic-lined cans
Or, get a water filtration system.
The list is full of ways to bring that toxic load down, show your liver some love, and keep those hormones healthy and happy!

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I am a seeker of balance. With each of my clients we search to find, what can we do with the biological resources we have to feel good in our bodies? How can we maximize our body’s unique potential in a way that respects body diversity, takes our different lifestyles into account, and empowers us to bypass harmful societal messaging around what we’re “supposed” to look like?

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