11 Reasons Why Meditation is Good For You


I am fairly new to meditation. I started a little over a year ago and now I can’t imagine my daily routine not including a morning meditation. Why did I start a meditation practice? Well, lots of reasons, really. When I realized it wasn’t just to “quiet the mind”, that there were lots of other fantastic reasons to do it, plus, I’m always looking for ways to upgrade my self-care routine, I gave it a try.

Here are 11 ways meditation can change your life:

1. Lowers Blood Pressure
2. Reduces Stress
3. Improves Pain Management
4. Improves Sleep
5. Reduces Anxiety
6. Improves Mood
7. Improves Control of Emotions
8. Enhances Brain Function
9. Boosts Immune System
10. Slows Cognitive Decline
11. Decreases Inflammation

Meditation, for literally just 10 minutes a day, has some pretty powerful health benefits! There are lots of meditation apps out there. I use Headspace. Give it a try; you may wonder why you haven’t been making this a practice sooner!

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